Nepali Unicode Traditional for MAC OS

Nepali Unicode Traditional for MAC OS

Nepali Unicode Traditional for MAC OSX

This is a bundle that installs Traditional Nepali Unicode (Devanagari Unicode Input) Keyboard Layout on a macOS machine. This keyboard layout is based on the Nepali Unicode Traditional layout by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP).


  • Clone or Download this repository from github repository Github repository link

  • Unzip the '' and open the folder 'Traditional-Nepali-Unicode-for-MAC-OS'

  • Copy 'Nepali Traditional Unicode.bundle' to '~/Library/Keyboard Layouts' folder of Macintosh System to add the keyboard layout for the current user. (This Keyboard Layouts sub-folder can be created if it doesn’t already exist). Library subfolder
  • Most importantly, after you have installed that keyboard layout, log out and log in again, or restart the computer.


  • Open "System Preferences", and select the "Keyboard" System Preferences

  • Click on "Input Sources", in the "Input Sources" tab, Click the check box "Show input in menu bar".

  • Press the [+] button at the bottom left, and browse and find the newly added "Nepali" layout in the "Nepali" section.s Layouts - Input Sources

    Add Nepali Traditional selection

  • Optionaly, click on "Shorcuts", in the "Input Sources" at the left side, setup a keyboard shorcut to switch between the layouts easily. Shortcuts

  • Finally, select the keyboard layout you want to use on the menubar, or use the shorcut. Keyboard selection

That's it. You're all set to using 'Nepali Unicode Traditional' layout on your MAC.

Keyboard Layouts

Special characters included

Two special characters in Unicode:

  1. 'zero-width joiner' (ZWJ) [U+200D] is "="
  2. 'zero-width non-joiner' (ZWNJ) [U+200C] is "+"
  3. A Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) is typically used to fuse two characters that normally do not form a ligature or a fused form.
  4. A Zero Width Non Joiner (ZWNJ) is typically used to represent the separated form of characters that normally fuse together to form a ligature. New characters in Traditional Layout

    र + ् ‍+ zwj = र्‍

    र + ् ‍+ zwnj = र्

special characters

Nepali Mode ( Normal Mode )


Nepali Mode ( Shift Mode )

Shift Pressed

Nepali Mode ( Caps Lock Mode )

Caps Lock Pressed

Quick English mode ( Command, Option and Option+Shift Mode)

Shift Pressed

alt or option Pressed

Option + Shift Pressed

control Pressed

Download the pdf here if needed.


Feel free to send me one by opening an issue here